House Tour :: Style In The Simplicity & Details

April 29, 2019

Inspired by a new potential project I may be taking on (more on that soon!), I was revisiting this home that I came across on  a while back and realized I never shared it here. While the interior design itself is quite simple (and lovely!), the details in every room are incredibly on point. Together, they prove that there is, indeed, so much style to be had in quiet moments at home.

Much like our east coast brownstones, this 18th century terrace in Sydney is laid out like a row house. Its three stories host a small living space on the main floor, a lovely landing on the middle floor, and a grand bedroom on the top floor. In remodeling the space, some of the historical details were preserved, but more modern elements and architecture mixed in at the same time, resulting in the type of space I find ideal!