Travancore Swiss Gardens Club villas-Villa 32- Royal Mansion.

​Martin Yohannan & Family

Swiss Garden,Villa 32- Royal Mansion

"Travancore Builders with its core competence in offering unmatched, aesthetically soothing architectural design skills offer a unique experience. The top notch quality of specifications, service, supportive staff and construction is amazingly excellent. Travancore’s knack of choosing convenient but uncongested locations is second to none. With a meticulously superb focus even on minute details of the design, the customer’s time is saved on corrections, alterations and repairs during construction process. The committed adherence to budgeted cost and work ethics is abundant here, which is not so common in this business. Travancore earns the customer’s complete trust by offering solutions which makes the home better and elegant. By learning from each experience, Travancore’s success is deeply rooted in its commitment to customer satisfaction which exceeds customer expectations. Even a customer with his lengthy list of requirements, who doesn’t know how to execute them, will be put at ease with this builder’s frequent discussions, communications, consultations and solutions. This builder has no second thoughts in embracing any opportunity which would deliver a better experience to customer. By bringing up an enhanced level of understanding for the client and customer oriented flexibility to a greater extend – thereby keeping itself away from the herd – Travancore Builders turns out not only to be the contractor of choice, but also a partner during and after the process of project completion."

​ Navaneeth Krishnan

Grand county Neoclassic villas, Kochi

"The search for “our future home in Cochin” led us to meet with Travancore Builders, whose partners Anas & James, we found, were quickly becoming known for quality workmanship and timely execution of projects. This made our choice -Travancore Swiss Gardens – easier; as we were specifically looking for a builder who had the sincere willingness to let us actively participate in the building process. We must concede that we have heard a lot of “horror” stories about any building process; but as we enter the final stages of our home construction with Travancore Builders, we have found the process up to now, to be an enjoyable and exciting time; building the “home of our dreams”. We may not have been the easiest of clients, as we have very high service expectations of everyone involved in our home. There have been points of frustration, but the personal commitment of Anas & James to our high service expectations was clearly evident as they willingly resolved all major issues. The professional attitude of the Travancore Builders team has justified our decision to associate with them. We earnestly trust and hope that they will keep up their commitment to quality and strive to improve on customer service, as they establish themselves firmly as a premium home builder continuing to “create Architectural Symphonies “.

​ Saju K.Jacob

Villa 11 , Travancore Swiss Gardens