Apartments in Kochi

A Low Cost House

November 23, 2019

Today, more and more people are considering building their own home.  There are many new financial initiatives to encourage self-building in an effort to help solve the ‘own-house’ crisis. People have been actively searching for apartments in Kochi with an intention of just checking a model or even buy one. Even though, there are many Apartments in Kochi that are ready to move, a few people go for building one on their own. This is strictly their personal choice whether to own a flat in Kochi or build a flat on their own.
Unfortunately, there are many mis-conceptions about building that are still very common, which may be the fault of mouth-to-mouth discussions that are totally faulty.

 There needs to be a change of mindset in order to build a home, dropping all the faulty beliefs gathered from many.  A successful project will result in a house that you will not only enjoy living in, but will also meet the financial requirements in your brief – major part of your brief being the budget!

With an efficient design and proper project management, it is possible to build a house not that costly. 


One method is to follow a simple geometry to cut add additional costs of your home.


There’s no cheap solution as such to be executed here and you should give priority to this against factors other than the cost of required materials. A cheaper construction now may not help in the cheapest overall cost during its life-span.


Floor area is of course an important contributor to the cost our your home and with the help of a perfect builder, it’s worthwhile finding clever ways to reduce the footprint but still get it. However, you will find that each additional square foot cost slightly less compared to the previous one!

Open space living is ever more popular in new homes, and with good reason; it helps in bringing in more natural light and provides a more fresh living environment. However, huge open spaces can cost you more than expected due to the additional structure required. For the villas in Kochi, this is handled with adding columns to reduce steel spans. But when placing columns, these columns or structural walls will need to be carefully placed to ensure they have minimal impact on the flow of spaces/views etc.