Flats in Kochi

Things to Consider before Buying a Flat

February 13, 2020

Approvals and NOCs are mandatory!!!!!!!!!!        

Are you afraid of buying a flat/villa/apartment in Kochi, after the Maradu Flat Demolition Controversy?!?!?!                                                  

That is the reason why you stay with the most trustworthy apartment builders in Kochi!!!!!!!                                                      Since childhood, everybody nurtures the dreams of a family and a home, especially after marriage, we think about moving home and settled in life.  Years and years are spending on planning and saving. The senior citizens plan to spend their existing years in an eco-friendly as well as a highly developed area where they have access to everything they need, like hypermarkets, hospitals, banks and some cool places to just sit and leisure.    

  • Experience       

 If you wish to buy a flat or villas in Kochi, it is necessary to consult the best builders with years of experience in construction field, the builders of homes, not just buildings. The experience marks the trust. We, the builders in Kerala, keep on fulfilling the dreams and desires of you for the last 13 years with no allegations. Our service is cemented on Trust, Friendship and Commitment. The builders should be adaptable to the new trend and modern furnishing with a classic sense of style.  

  • Trust and Legal Approvals                                                     

 From the current Maradu issues, it is crystal clear that, TRUST is obligatory as it cost you, your whole life-savings. Before proceeding the paper works, make sure that the property is legally authorized to be constructed on the plot. Ensure that it has approvals and NOCs from the several concerned authorities and no issues were raised any time regarding the land. That is what happened in Maradu, the Panchayath issued building permits to four companies without obtaining the consent from Kerala state Coastal Zone Management Authority (KSCZMA). Nine months after issuing the permission, there were problems, show cause notice, court order, stay etc regarding the property. If you are about to buy flats in Kochi it will be wise in avoiding such alleged piece of land. For profit, some builders may act dishonestly. Check whether your builder have all kinds of permits and clearances.

While purchasing the property, the trust-worthy Builder will provide you the following documents:

  • Agreement to sell
  • Absolute sale deed and title deed
  • Title search and report
  • Khata certificate
  • Receipt of property tax
  • Encumbrance certificate
  • Occupancy certificate
  • Statement from bank if loan outstanding,
  • Non-objection certificates
  • Sanctioned building plan by statutory authority
  • Power of Attorney/s, if any

 For the well-spent of money on residential is consult the best villa builders in Kochi.      

  • Physical Infrastructure of the Location 

Physical infrastructure of the location and the building itself should be efficient and qualitative. It should be manageable, in accordance with your needs, secure, affordable and ultimately it should be fully-facilitative. Scrutinize the Builders’ history of construction works, their selection of location, their way of building (whether it is eco-friendly of not), then only finalize your builder!!                                                                       

  • Finance                                                                                                              

Another thing you should consider is related with finance. If you are taking a home loan, keep in mind that some banks do not offer loan to some builders. Because banks do not want to associate themselves with any risky projects. They will cross check everything once again and assure their safety along with yours. To secure your life-time savings, consult the service-proven builders in Kochi.                                                                                                                                                                      

Narrow down your search based on these factors!!!!                                                                                                                                

Find the best Apartment/ Flat/ Villa builders in Kochi!