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An Eco-friendly Home

August 12, 2019

Have you thought about building a home without harming nature? It is something great to preserve the environment when you build a home. There are a few points to consider when you do this.

  • Doors and Windows

Don’t compromise on quality doors and windows as they are the source of airflow in and out of the home. The doors and windows when poorly sealed waste energy and costs you much.

Efficient Duct System
It is important that you need to install an efficient duct system. Why pay too much for heating and cooling? Also, take care to prevent energy losses.
Insulation is also important to control your home’s temperature, Make it a point to inform your builders of the type of insulation you need.

  • Faucet Fixtures

Install efficient faucets to help the environment. This ensures you use only the water you need. It thus reduces wastage making your home eco-friendly.
Taking the example of electronic faucets, it allows the water to be running only when it is needed, resulting in less water usage.
With efficient fixtures, leakages can be prevented which helps you spent less on the water bill.

  • Dual flush toilets

The usage of dual flush toilets is a great idea to reduce water wastage. It uses different amounts of water to flush the liquid and solid wastes. With this dual flush system, you can save water up to 80%.

  • Electronics and Lighting

Use less energy-consuming electronics and lighting. Make sure you don’t use traditional electronics or lightnings that consume more energy and cause you a huge sum of electricity bills.
Utilize natural light to the maximum and give your home a nature-friendly feel and warmth.

  • Usage of recyclable Materials

When building an ecofriendly home,  think about using recyclable materials too. A few examples include:
-Rubber roofing
-Composite decking ( recycled paper and wood waste)
-Paper-based counter tops ( tree pulp from managed forests)
-Carpets made of recycled plastic bottles

Above mentioned are very few eco-friendly options that you can incorporate while building a house. There are even more methods to keep your home nature-friendly one. If you are looking for eco-friendly flats in Kochi, or you have ideas, talk to us. We have been building homes in your dreams for ages. Reach us in case of any requirements for apartments in Kochi. We are here to build your dreams.

7 Tips to Make your Home Budget-Friendly

Budget is always a factor to be considered seriously when building a home. There are a few budget-friendly ideas that we used for our clients on requests.  Clients from Kerala usually come to us for flats or apartments in Kochi which is the digital hub of Kerala. The primary requirement from most of them would be to construct a pocket-friendly home. To build a budget-friendly home, we cannot compromise on several elements too. So it is to bring the quality and requirement in equilibrium to build a pocket-friendly home. There are a few concepts that help to build a budget-friendly home.

  • Building a two-story house

Two-story houses can double the area without spending much.
Go for simple rectangles and square homes which are least expensive. You can enhance it with a variety of things later.

Simple roof
A simple, not-too-steep roof will help you spend less. But make sure leakages are prevented.

  • Centralizing the plumbing

The proximity of heavy plumbing areas
Well Sealed Insulation
This can help in preventing energy loses.

Phase the process
Don’t just do everything all on a single step. Instead, divide it into phases and upgrade on a step by step basis. But still, consider all the necessities fixed up without delay.

  • Bringing in a view

Placing large picture windows in direct view as you enter a room, makes it feel larger.

  • Bring in DIY’s

Try varieties of DIY ideas to enhance every corner of your home.

Home is where the heart is! So never compromise on the quality of anything that you bring in to your home.

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