Villas in Kochi

Building a Sustainable Home

July 26, 2019

Today, the choice between a contemporary house and a traditional one is a matter of taste for the people.
Traditional Designs turn more historic with the following designs

  • Spanish
  • Victorian
  • Colonial
  • Neoclassical
  • Cape Cod
  • Tudor-Styles
  • Craftsman 
  • Cottage
  • Ranch

But in contemporary designs, homes use modern 20th Century architecture.  Popular contemporary includes elements like sleek lines, different shapes, usage of glass or any other transparent panels and minimal interior designs. A traditional house has energy-efficient features but most contemporary ones are built with conservation as the main factor which is considered during design. So, sustaining a home whether contemporary or traditional is more important,
Today’s architecture is green influenced with many Eco-friendly elements without compromising the style. Traditionally styled homes are often considered less environmentally favorable as their design aesthetics can clash with energy efficiency.
For example, if you take a sneak peek to the best apartments in Kochi, you can see that many have a classic sense of style with most modern furnishings. 
For instance, a conventional roof and stainless-steel appliances inside a kitchen with warm colors and wood finishes, are hardly seen. 
While a house is being built, it needs to be both energy-saving and elegant. But contemporary buildings have their limitations as well. And thus, it is a better option to take expert advises before setting up your dream home.

So when you choose to live in the best homes/apartments, let it be a sustainable one too. Choosing a consistent setting is always good than setting up a mismatched one and later suffer.

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