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Know the Pros and Cons of Building Materials

October 15, 2019

If you’re building your dream home  or purchasing one for the first time, it is really important to know the pros and cons of your construction materials. After all, they have to stand the test of time and other environmental factors.

There are many factors that decide which material is right for your living space. Climate is one of the most important factor. Other environmental considerations include flooding and air pollution. Here are a few of the most common building materials used in house construction, and  their pros and cons.

Recycled Steel

This is an environmentally sound replacement for wood beams in home construction. Recycled scrap steel reduces energy required for steel production and saves trees. With its ability to stand up to high winds and even earthquakes, it’s  incredibly durable.


Wood is the most popular construction material for houses due to its advantages. It is relatively lightweight and unlike steel, it is easy to cut.  It’s also comparatively simple to add decorative elements to wood constructions to increase curb appeal.

The disadvantages  include vulnerability to water damage, fire, decay, and termites.

Exposed steel beams don’t have the aesthetic appeal compared to wood. So weigh your options carefully. Steel is also a heavier construction material than wood, and might be more expensive.

Brick & Block

These materials are fireproof and are immune to rot, making them perfect for sturdy foundations. Reinforced concrete blocks are also able to stand up to just about any environmental issues.

The disadvantages of brick/ block construction include the heaviness of the materials.  Porous bricks can be vulnerable to mold in damp conditions, and the materials can also be damaged by plant growth as well.
Another disadvantage of brick/concrete block construction is its brittleness if you live in an earthquake prone area.

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