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The hidden costs of building a new home

November 6, 2019

There are many known and hidden costs while building a home. In addition to the numerous known costs that make building a new home an expensive plan, a slew of unknown or hidden costs can also drive up the price of building a home. While some of these expenses are obvious if you think about them, they still catch people off guard from time to time – and can send your building budget straight out of your pocket.
A few of  those hidden costs explained by the experts from the best builders in Kochi include:

Window coverings: These usually come with an already existing home, but can add up quickly if you have a lot of windows or if any are custom.

Landscaping:  Most new builds either do not include landscaping or only include front landscaping. Depending on the size of your lawn and the detail of landscaping, this can take your budget to a swollen rate.

Random incidentals: While building a home, there are always unexpected costs. This is seconded by most of the best builders in Kerala. These “extra incidentals” can include things like picture hanging supplies, decorating items (your old ones never seem to fit the style of the brand-new home), additional cable and electric outlets (they never seem to be where you thought they should go), extra keys and garage ideas.

Furniture: If you’re building a bigger house, you might be surprised and always confused at how much more furniture you need. And whether you need more furniture or not, you might find that your favorite old pieces don’t work that well in your new place.

Upgraded finishes: The biggest surprise cost in building a new home is the custom upgrades. Add in the fact that most builders choose least but standard expensive paint, plumbing, and flooring at first, you might want to upgrade those finishes for which you’ll need to pay for.

Fences: If you require any expectation of privacy and have close neighbors, building a fence for your home might be a necessity. Depending on the type and size of the fence, this can add more than expected to the cost of building a new home.

And the list goes on like this. Depending on the size, location, and geography of your home, you could be on the hook for anything even like alarm systems. At the end of the day, there is no actual limit to the “extras” you might find you need when you build a new home from scratch.