Trends in living space

November 21, 2019

In today’s scenario, the Indian real estate sector has witnessed a swollen  growth rate with increased demand in both residential and commercial spaces. The Indian real estate market is expected to witness a super  exponential growth in the upcoming year. The housing sector is expected to contribute around 13 percent to India’s GDP by 2020.
There are many flats in Kochi that are newly built and are ready to occupy by the best builders in Kochi. There are also many apartments in Kochi  offering customized designs with a variety of amenities and features. Home construction trends among people have changed rapidly in recent years, leading to more efficient and beautifully constructed houses with practical designs. When it comes to building homes, It is not just about interior style, but about floor plans, size, location, home automation, energy efficiency, pocket friendly  etc.

Eco friendly and Energy efficient construction are preferred by most of the people nowadays. The eco friendly and energy efficient  construction have many advanced advantages. Be it the roofing  or building materials, cabinets and counters, eco friendly architecture and construction is gaining popularity. Rain water harvest designs, solar water heater systems, larger windows to allow natural daylight are a few common options preferred.

Nowadays, Vaastu shastra has a great significance among people of different communities. It is believed to bring in  happiness, peace and prosperity in life.

Style Choices – Most people looking for homes or flats are seeking low-maintenance contemporary type homes.

More Open Spaces – be it with family or friends, people are preferring open spaces inside.

When you choose a builder to build your dream home, make sure you have checked the completed works of the builder to get a rough idea on them. There are many customized flats and apartments built by popular developers in Kochi. Choosing the correct one for you requires pretty good amount of research. Whether you’re building new or renovating your apartment , they will show you the available options and enhancement choices that can add value to your living space .